Gemini Zodiac Facts

8 Gemini Facts That Explain Them Perfectly…

    The Gemini might be many things but one thing they are not is boring. Their personality is layered and capable of a wide range of emotions but sometimes they can be misunderstood by those around them. So to shed some light on this mysterious sign, here are eight oh-so Gemini facts that explain them perfectly…

    #1: The Gemini can be super sweet or super brutal depending on how you treat them.

    The Gemini is known for their dual personality and depending on how you treat them they can either be super sweet and nice… or a total nightmare to deal with.

    Gemini split personality

    They love their friends and to be social but they they demand mutual respect. If you can’t be bothered to put any effort into your relationship with the Gemini… then neither will they.

    #2: The Gemini can be guarded and keep their distance until they trust you.

    The Gemini is extremely loyal and open with their closest friends but they can be quite guarded and cautious around new people that they don’t yet trust.

    Gemini keeping their distance

    Don’t be put off though – they will warm up to you over time (so long as you don’t screw them around!). Some might say that they have trust issues but the truth is they are just careful not to be hurt.

    #3: If you betray a Gemini they’re not afraid to just walk out the door without even saying goodbye.

    Make no mistake about it: the Gemini will not put up with bullshit or manipulation from people that play mind games. They don’t have time for it and they refuse to allow themselves to be walked over like a doormat.

    Gemini walking away

    Whether it’s a friendship, relationship or anything else – if you try to take advantage of them or hurt them then they wont stick around for long.

    #4: Gemini can make unpredictable moves that nobody sees coming.

    With Gemini, the only thing you can really be certain of, is you can never be certain about their next move. They have an unpredictable nature that often catches people off-guard, leaving them gobsmacked, as the Gemini does the exact opposite of what they expected.

    Unpredictable moves

    Sometimes it might seem like the Gemini is making their decisions at random or even that they have totally lost their mind. But don’t get it twisted: they have their own reasons and logic for the things that they do. And besides, it’s this unpredictable nature that makes them interesting!

    #5: Gemini is a notorious over-thinker with a a hyperactive mind.

    It’s not always easy living inside of the head of the Gemini. Their mind is often racing and they have a bit of a habit of over-thinking things.

    Overthinking Gemini mind

    Sometimes they can find themselves totally exhausted from all of the chatter in their head, needing to take a break to ‘switch off’ for a while… though this can be easier said than done.

    #6: Gemini can be reluctant to commit to a relationship for fear of being hurt.

    The Gemini can be pretty cautious about jumping head first into a relationship. They are wary of commitment, refusing to give up their freedom to someone who they think might only end up hurting them.

    Geminis can be scared of committment

    That being said however, when they do eventually take the plunge and commit, they tend to go all-in, putting 110% into the relationship at every step of the way.

    #7: Gemini craves freedom and cares not for conforming to dumb and pointless rules.

    The Gemini has a strong sense of independence about them which drives them to live life on their own terms. The like do things in their own unique way regardless of what other people say or think.

    Freedom seeking Gemini

    Trying to make them conform to your rules and regulations can be like trying to herd cats. It just aint going to happen and will only push them further and further away.

    #8: Gemini’s favorite people are the ones with brains *and* a fun side.

    Gemini is particularly drawn to people that possess a sharp intelligence and wit, but also a fun and spontaneous side.

    Intelligence and fun

    They dig intelligence because clever people make for the most stimulating conversations. And they love a wild side because the Gemini loves to let their hair down and live in the moment!

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