Gemini Man In Love

7 Secrets To Making A Gemini Man Fall In Love…

    The Gemini man is an independent and often restless spirit and if you’re looking to win his heart and hoping to make him fall in love then there’s a few things that you might want to know about his zodiac personality first. Here are are 7 rules for attracting the Gemini man of your dreams!

    #1: Don’t try to ‘pin’ him down or control his life.

    The more that you try to corner a Gemini man the more that you will inevitably push him away.

    Gemini Man Free Spirit

    Be there for him but don’t start to boss him around like you own him or he might just leave your life for good.

    #2: Make him LAUGH.

    If there’s one thing that’s likely to make a girl stand out to a Gemini man it’s some wit and humor.

    Gemini Man Laughing

    If you can make him laugh you can make him do just about anything… including falling madly in love!

    #3: Inject FUN, spontaneity and adventure into his life.

    The Gemini man can become distant and get tired of the relationship if they feel that the ‘spark’ has died.

    Couple Having Fun

    Keep things fresh by being spontaneous and willing to try new things and he’ll always want to be around you!

    #4: Give him time to open up.

    The Gemini man takes time to open up so don’t try to ‘pry’ him open like a vault.

    The Gemini Man Needs Time To Open Up

    Instead allow him to open up in his own time and when he’s ready he’ll share his secrets with you… and don’t expect him to fall head over heels in love with you on the first date!

    #5: Give him your TRUST and share your life with him.

    Trust him with your secrets and darkest desires and he will not only keep all of your secrets safe but he’ll likely open up more about his own life and emotions.


    A Gemini man needs to know that he can 100% trust you before he can 100% commit.

    #6: Give him his ‘alone / man time’ when needed.

    Whatever it is your Gemini man likes to do to relax make sure that you allow him the space and freedom to do it.

    Having Fun With Friends

    Even when in a relationship the Gemini man still needs time to himself to gather and reflect on his thoughts so don’t take it personally when he takes some time out.

    #7: Be straight up with him and actually tell him what you want.

    The Gemini man appreciates honestly and like a woman who isn’t afraid to tell him what she wants.

    Talking In Bed With Gemini Man

    When you are direct with the Gemini man you’ll be surprised as to how accommodating he can be with your needs!

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